Tarot Cards

A set of tarot cards featuring masterworks of artists from the renaissance through the 1920's. 

Tarot cards originated in 15th century Europe and were used for a variety of different card games before being adopted by mystics for divination in the late 1700’s. 

Each of these cards bears a famous painting by a master, most of them from the renaissance, baroque, romantic, gothic, impressionist, expressionist, and art nouveau periods. Each suit has a border design with an art period in mind as well, for example the Major Arcana has an art nouveau theme and Swords have an art deco theme. Each painting was specifically selected to match with the suit or the face card and a booklet is included to serve as a guide in interpreting the cards. 

I have also designed a fifth suit, Songs, which is not normally included in tarot decks and will be available for deck expansion in the future.

Artifex Tarot Deck
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